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"BrainBankers is here to help you. We build, maintain, expand and fix software with a mix of resources residing in the U.S. and offshore. Our solutions are as beautiful as they are functional."
-James Ray, CEO of BrainBankers

Development Life Style


BrainBankers specializes in designing and building innovative software solutions that will accommodate any type of engineering ecosystem. Our subject­-matter expertise encompasses the complete software development lifecycle spanning Concept, Design, Architecture, Development, Quality Assurance Testing, DevOps, InfoSEC/Security, Cloud Ops and Product Management. Though we have many US resources locally to draw from, BrainBankers has a development resource talent pool that spans the globe.

Software Development Services

BrainBankers Offers the Software Development Services You Need

Developing software efficiently is an experienced based proposition. At BrainBankers our outcome-oriented development approach will solve your biggest software issues by applying years of BB’s cumulative software experience from Senior Developers/Engineers. We write lean, stable code, focusing on the user experience, so people actually love using the software we produce. Relentless in finding solutions, BB is laser focused on actually delivering working software on­-time and on­-budget. BrainBankers’ core competency is creating software that is as beautiful as it is functional.

“If a human, or any animal, vegetable or mineral, for that matter, needs to interface to it, we can build an app. If it needs to play nice together, we can integrate it. If all you have is a napkin and a goal, we can custom create it. I’ve never seen a software challenge that BB couldn’t tame.”

- Denis Benyaminov, CTO of BrainBankers

Building experience

Web apps

Web apps have evolved into something more akin to complex desktop apps. With complex software architectures that are downloaded into the browser, requiring lag intolerant commutations with custom­-made server backends, the complexity of the skills required to develop such apps is extreme. Only the polished and performance oriented web applications will satisfy increasingly demanding users.

BrainBankers’ web app building experience, working with the latest web technologies is the only solution to developing web apps that scale and are built for high availability. Whether its graphic design, user experience interfaces, front­-end or back­-end development, quality assurance, online marketplaces and platforms to SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, custom business software, or chrome extensions...

whatever your idea . . . we can build it.

One of Many BrainBankers Web App Success Stories

A very large client that was resource strapped (have you met one that wasn’t?) didn’t have the internal development talent to complete a product configurator for an existing platform. BB stepped in, did all the work needed to complete the product configurator as if we were part of their internal development team. BB provided a completely documented solution and trained the internal team so that they could support the product on their own, as if they developed it themselves. They liked us so much they’ve adopted this model as their standard approach to new products.

High performance mobile apps


High performance mobile apps are deceptively complex to create. Not only do the users demand slick and intuitive user interfaces, they expect behind the sheets performance that only customized scalable back-end servers can provide. Whether you need an iOS app, an Android app or a portable app that uses web technology, to enhance your business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), or business-to-enterprise (B2E) processes, BrainBankers has the team and experience to create it.

From soup to nuts and from design and testing to deployment and QA, BrainBankers mobile app development can provide a cost effective solution.

One More BrainBankers Mobile App Success Story

Sometimes it’s very difficult to visualize how an app needs to work until you’ve got something to look at. A mid-­sized client, in an Agile environment, wanted us to scrum a few ideas, so their management team had a platform to test from and incrementally add and modify features. The challenge was to keep things modular, so we could leverage previous work as we moved forward. On a small budget we did several versions, playing “what if” all the way. We worked closely with the client’s team to converge on a solution, which BrainBankers helped launch into production.

Software integration


The challenge of enterprise software integration is well known; “bleeding” edge, industry standard and the obsolete all must play nice together. Legacy work flows that are fundamental to your business can’t be “siloed”, just because they don’t play well with the new. BrainBankers has the experience and patience to understand your workflows and take the time to identify where customization is required and where it’s not, thereby minimizing costs through intelligent reuse and applying best in class off-the-shelf solutions.

BrainBankers specializes in integrating enterprise technologies to improve efficiencies, reduce wasted time and effort, and increase visibility into the data and metrics that matter most. From SalesForce to Slack, Zendesk, Stripe, BigQuery, Twilio, and more... if it has an API, we can integrate it.

Another Successful Integration by BrainBankers

A financial services startup was plagued by unreliable product software, custom developed for them by their previous development company. BrainBankers was called in to integrate their product into Slack, which began to expose just how unreliable their product actually was. We offered improvements and ultimately took on product support, such that we now do all their development and support as their company grows.

Custom software


Custom software consulting is our specialty. If your goal is to extend the life of your legacy systems by improving performance and stability, or by building out new features and fixing bugs, then BrainBankers has you covered. If it’s time to move on to something new or you’ve outgrown your off-the-shelf software, BB is here to help.

From maintenance and extensions, to custom CRM’s and accounting systems, to project management and billing solutions, BrianBankers designs and builds custom software applications that solve your toughest problems. We’ll fit seamlessly into your current processes and systems, and produce measurable results for your business.

At BrainBankers Custom Software Success Stories Are Common Place

A large client in the energy space was having problems getting a product to market with their current project management software. It seemed they were spending half their time and too much effort dealing with broken legacy project management software that was distracting them from their real business. They contracted BrainBankers to conceptualize and implement a solution that will let them focus on getting their products to market. Since then BB has worked with them through concept, development, security, deployment and validation of not only new project management software, but several other products and platforms. As a consequence of the development, BB developed IP that they now own and are in the process of filing several patents based on our collaboration. BrainBankers now functions as their whole engineering group, and is managing all aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle.

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